Odense Universitetshospital (Heart Surgery dep. T)

I have in my office a famed proverb: "Teams rowing in the same direction, more often win (quote Arne Nilsson)".
I am in the fortunate position that I have a staff that really knows how to work to...

Bibi Andersen, Sekretariatschef
Odense Universitetshospital (Heart Surgery dep. T)

Teambuilding with a touch of play

- fun, informal, challenging and educational. Everybody can participate.

Our TeamChallenge event is teambuilding with fun, challenging and educational assignments - and everyone can participate. The event can take place outdoors or indoors depending on your wishes and the season.

The event can for example be used in connection with:

  • A company tour
  • A Kick-off event
  • A company party 
  • A sales meeting
  • ... and other events where the entire staff, or just one or several departments has to get to know each other better through fun and educational teambuilding assignments.

Teambuilding with creativity, practicality, communication and cooperation...

When you use TeamChallenge you will experience new sides of each other, you will use your creativity and practical sense to solve a number of assignments, all of which focus on collaboration and communication - and it's even fun...

...and best of all .... Your gain of the day will be that you become more familiar with each other. Through the event you will experience that your understanding for each other and your differences, strengths and weaknesses will get bigger and your unity will grow as well.

TeamChallenge can also contain a specific theme...

The event can be expanded and made into a workshop where you - still through fun and challenging assignments - work with a specific theme, for example company values and communication. This process is called TeamChallenge workshop.

Teambuilding, which can take place anywhere...

The teambuilding event can take place as both indoors and/or outdoors and can take place anywhere you want: At your company address, at a hotel, a conference center or an entirely different place.

It it you want it to take place outdoors and you don not have any specific request you can use the public area Ishøj Beach Park. Also if you are not located in the Copenhagen Area we will still gladly come to you.

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