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We had a really nice and challenging day for all participants and everyone had the right team, cooperation and winner attitude. The tasks was of such a nature that everyone, regardless of age and phys...

Morten Burild
Hansen & Henneberg

Challenging and fun teambuilding tasks

When Rita Elkjær from the Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy at University of Copenhagen in September 2009 needed a team building event for her department she remembered back to 2005, when she at her former workplace had successfully used an event from Copenhagen Teambuilding.

University of Copenhagen (Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy) recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

For the second time I have used an event from Copenhagen teambuilding, and again with great success.
3½ hours in the beautiful scenery at Ishøj beach with a lot of challenging tasks, but also hilarious tasks where everyone can participate. No need to fear a teambuilding day with the TeamChallenge event, for it is designed so that all - high and low - can participate. I highly recommend investing in such a day - it's worth GOLD!

Rita Elkjær
University of Copenhagen (Department of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy)

She immediately contacted us and booked an event, so her new workplace could also try our teambuilding event TeamChallenge.

The event took place at Ishøj Strand, and every participant were eager and participated with great spirit - and lots of laughs.

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