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Year-end was completed and thus time for our annual departmental event, which this year was held at one of the first real spring days with Copenhagen Teambuilding in charge.
We had a really fun a...

Annette Nolling Ravn
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Fun teambuilding event where you get to know each other better

In cold but sunny November weather Club Dalvangen from Copenhagen was on a teambuilding event at Ishøj beach with our team event TeamChallenge. The purpose of the teambuilding event was for the staff to get to know each other better, give them some shared experiences as well as the opportunity to experience new sides of each other.

Despite the slightly cold weather everyone was invested 100% in the event and the loud laughing was evidence that they had a really good time.

Københavns Kommune (Klub Dalvangen) recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

We had talked a lot about the event at work. Our goal for the event was to get to know each other better and to laugh and have fun together. We are all agreed that we have succeeded with that. We've all had a lovely day with the TeamChallenge event and Copenhagen Teambuilding, and have seen some new sides of each other that both surprised and confirmed some of our "prejudices" against each other and our individual values.

David Luthje
Københavns Kommune (Klub Dalvangen)

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