Odense Kommune (Hjalleseskolens SFO)

Everyone agrees that it was a super Saturday. It was fun with the different tasks and everyone could participate.
And during play new elements emerges, like the kid we all contain. We got to laug...

Lone Rønbjerg Knudsen
Odense Kommune (Hjalleseskolens SFO)

Good and varied combination of teambuilding exercises

A beautiful summer day in June, the staff from the Kulturhuset Pilegården at Københavns Kommune was on teambuilding at Ishøj beach park.
The event had focus on cooperation, communication and the social relationships between partipants, which is why they chose our teambuilding event TeamChallenge.

Københavns Kommune (Kulturhuset Pilegården) recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

It was a really good and varied combination of teambuilding exercises that both required cooperation and communication skills, and not least also made us smile along the way.
There was good management of the process and the overall impression is quite clear: Everyone felt tested by a challenging, educational way where everyone could participate.

Morten Gersager Abe
Københavns Kommune (Kulturhuset Pilegården)

Divided into teams the partipants competed in a variety of team building tasks where they needed different abilities so that everyone had something to contribute along the way. There was laughter during the team building process - and there was great competition between the teams, of course, in a friendly way. We finished with medals for the winning team.

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