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TeamChallenge from Copenhagen Teambuilding was chosen for our department's activity because we could put together a program that suited our needs. The range of possible tasks that you can choose betwe...

Dorde Holm, Centerchef Landbrug
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How TeamChallenge teambuilding works...

The Coppenhagen Teambuilding event TeamChallenge is centered around a central location - base camp from where the "battle" is controlled.

From base camp you are sent the individual teambuilding assignments, and you return here for scoring every time you have a completed an assignment, again to be sent out on a new assignment.

The teambuilding assignments are solved...

You circulates between the assignments and base camp, and as each assignment maximum takes 30 minutes, you have easy and regular access to the base camp area.

Whether you walk or run is entirely up to the individual teams. Whatever your pace, you can achieve the assignments within the allotted time.

The assignments are all located in the area around base camp - maximum walking distance 3-4 min. You navigate using maps and assignments are easy to find. So even though you are not the great navigators, it is no problem to find them.

All of our assignments are unmanned and each assignment thus consists of an explanation / description of the tasks and the necessary equipment.  This is so the teams does not have an instructor to "breathe down their necks" when solving assignments. It is our experience that it works best that way - creativity works best when you do not feel watched.

English or Danish... you decide...

You decide if the event is done in English or Danish - we have all materials in both languages, so you just choose the language that suits you best.

Divided into teams...

Before we start you are divided into smaller teams and via a point system each team compete against each other to solve the assignments best and fastest. The team that is first done, will be able to score some extra points via some additional assignments.

TeamChallenge therefore also offers a competitive element that helps to strengthen team spirit in the individual teams, contributing to teambuilding experience.

Informal ending ...

We conclude in an informal tone with the announcement of the winner and presentation of medals, if you have chosen medals, and looks at how the assignments went for each team.

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