Gladsaxe Kommune (Activity Center Kellersvej)

At Activity Center Kellersvej we were very excited about the event, which was fun and not least challenging. Everything was organized in a way that bears witness to the company's professionalism and t...

Susanne L. Michaelsen
Gladsaxe Kommune (Activity Center Kellersvej)

Humorous and social experience with a natural desire to complete assignments

The Aarhus-based cleaning company Kongsvang Cleaning Service were on a company outing and they wanted to start with outdoor teambuilding, where people of all ages could participate - and it should be fun, challenging and educational. Wishes that was a perfect fit for our TeamChallege event.

Kongsvang Cleaning Service recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

A unique, humorous and social experience where everyone can participate regardless of age, weight and physical condition.
Through a full day's hardships you learn to socialize, cooperation and not least to respect your colleagues and their individual values.
All start with the same goal - to win, but this is quickly replaced by a natural desire to complete assignments and have fun. We in Kongsvang highly recommend the Copenhagen Teambuilding event TeamChallenge to anyone who wants to have a fun experience with the company.

Pia Sejr
Kongsvang Cleaning Service

We started at 10 am with the team division and walk through of the event and explanation of the competitive part so everyone was on board with how it all would take place.

Then the 25 participants was ready to start - and the 5 teams started the first assignments; and it was quickly completed. Spirit and eagerness to get the job done best & fastest was very high and there was no doubt that they were both well entertained and had fun - it revealed the many good laughs.

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