Danisco IT

In Danisco IT 5 small groups needed a few hours together, where the focus was on cooperation within and between groups. Copenhagen Teambuilding offered a 4-hour event with TeamChallenge. It was a seri...

Karsten Grinderslev
Danisco IT

Outdoor teambuilding with a good mix of physical and mental tasks

A customer service department at Nykredit in Vejle was on outdoor teambuilding in connection with a corporate event that was held as an employee day with first practical teambuilding followed by a good meal.

There were a total of 13 participants - so it was a small team. They were divided into two teams, who were both very keen to compete against the other team.

Nykredit (Vejle) recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

Outdoor teambuilding with the TeamChallenge event from Copenhagen Teambuilding was a good experience. You get to be with your colleagues in an informal way, you see them both "stressed", happy and their creative side.
There was a good mix of physical and mental tasks and everyone could join in.
Definitely worth your energy!

Viggo Kristiansen
Nykredit (Vejle)

During the teambuilding event of 3 1/2 hours each team completed 7 team building tasks - one team even completed an additional task, because they had been quick to complete tasks. It was not the team that won, quality can also in teambuilding be better to quantity.

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