We had an exciting and challenging day. Our mission was to knit our team closer after an organizational change, in addition to have a fun and stimulating day.
Both objectives were supremely met a...

Thomas Pein

Teambuilding as a fun and creative pause during sales meeting

On a lovely summer day Unilever had a sales meeting in Sorø not far from Copenhagen which was held as a weekend event at conference center Ankerhus. The weather was good and spirits high - and the participants full of energy.

We handled a practical teambuilding element that was specially adapted so it fit into the rest of the program for the weekend.

Unilever recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

We choose a teambuilding event from Copenhagen Teambuilding as part of our sales meeting because the participants was already divided into groups and had to go through various tasks. One task would be teambuilding which is where TeamChallenge fit in really well because they offer short assignments that we could adjust for the individual groups.
The assignments that TeamChallenge provided was outside, so participants were given fresh air while they were performing the tasks. It was a really good, challenging, thought-provoking and educational day that ended with a common task for all

Liff Behrendt

Participants circulated by a predetermined schedule between 6 challenges included cooking & quiz and of course our part that consisted of assignments Paparazzi & CopyCat.

The course started 9.30 and ended 15.30 with an assignment for the entire group. Here we used the spider's web assignment which participants solved divided into two big teams, which made the task very challenging but also fun.

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