Bakketoppen Daycare

Bakketoppen Daycare had a really good day at Ishøj Beach/Park with with Copenhagen Teambuilding. The level was so that everyone could join in. The instructor was engaged and constructive in his feedba...

Jette Johansson, Leder
Bakketoppen Daycare

Teambuilding event with play and seriousness - an eye opener for other forms of cooperation

In early June 2008, a department of 24 people from Odense Kommune was on teambuilding with Copenhagen Teambuilding. It was one of the hottest days and the beautiful setting was perfect for a great day in the outdoors.

Odense Kommune recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

Cooperation is something we do every day. The often very complex tasks that we perform, requires simply that we are good at it. But we can be even better.
So TeamChallenge teambuilding event with play and seriousness was a good eye opener to talk about other forms of cooperation.
To leave the secure frames in the "aquarium" means that we have been inspired to try new ways.
Copenhagen Teambuilding was good to “chalk the field” with some team building exercises and pass the ball on. Thanks for a great day!

Jonas Albert Wallin
Odense Kommune

Great weather and good mood

When our teambuilding instructor arrived, there was already well off the festivities. They had a early start with a small tournament in the Viking play out on the lawn.

The weather was fantastic, the sun was shining and it was very hot. In fact so hot that almost nobody could wear the team jerseys on, and found lot of creative ways to make the team t-shirts visible without having to actually wear them normally.

Teambuilding in 4 teams

Participants were divided into 4 teams and all participated actively in the event despite the heat, and luckily we had brought refreshments to be consumed along the way.

During the 4 hours the teambuilding lasted  the teams  solved 8 assignments, and excitement was great when the winner would be declared and the medals awarded.

Ready for theory

After the teambuilding event the participants were in a really good mood and ready for the slightly drier and minimal theory part of their staff weekend.

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