University of Copenhagen, Health Sciences (Sund)

It was an incredibly good teambuilding event in Copenhagen. Very professionally planned, in lovely surroundings and the day was organized so that everyone had the opportunity to participate. Some had ...

Rita Elkjær
University of Copenhagen, Health Sciences (Sund)

Teambuilding for wedding guests gives guests and hosts a wedding event experience of a lifetime

A sunny Saturday in may of 2008 we did an event in connection with an event out of the ordinary, as it instead of a company was 39 unsuspecting guests for a silver wedding party - they all had to get to know each other in an, for a wedding, unusual way.

Jonna & Flemming Dalbys silver wedding recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

We had a fun and entertaining day with a variety of activities that really got our guests to get to know each other better. We highly recommend the TeamChallenge event to ALL who want to have a fun day and an experience of a lifetime.

Jonna & Flemming Dalby
Jonna & Flemming Dalbys silver wedding

39 wedding guests surprised with teambuilding

The weather was great and spirits were high - it could hardly get any better. The wedding guest were divided into five teams, one of which was a pure child/youth team. Everyone participated with eagerly with loud laughing.

A reunion with the bride

It is very rare that we do private events - not because we do not want to, but our price is often slightly higher than the private budget allows. There was also a special reason that it was us who had the pleasure of making this silver wedding teambuilding.

The bride had been on teambuilding with us in the summer of 2007 (it was as an employee of Kongsvang Cleaning Service) and subsequently she spoke - according to her husband - of nothing else for months; so excited had she been for the event.

Surprise teambuilding wedding event

Because of her great enthusiasm for the event, her husband decided that it would be perfect for their special occasion n - whatever the cost. So without her knowledge he booked us, and the result was a stunning wedding teambuilding event where all the guests happy, interested and active took part in the event.

Happy bride & groom

The groom had ordered a two-hour event, but several participants expressed a wish that they would have continued somewhat longer. So when the only complaint is that they were not allowed to continue any longer, it must surely qualify as a successful wedding event..

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