Devi (Danfoss group)

We had a super afternoon with the event TeamChallenge, where we through a number of good exercises strengthened the unity between colleagues and experienced each other from other angles than everyday ...

Kim Petersen
Devi (Danfoss group)

Teambuilding in Copenhagen.... anywhere you want...

Teambuilding with Copenhagen Teambuilding can take place anywhere in the Copenhagen area. We will gladly come to you whether you are at a hotel, a conference center, at your own address or a fourth place - and it can take place outdoors, indoors, or a combination.

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  • Outdoor teambuilding in Copenhagen
    We can make an outdoor teambuilding event anywhere in Copenhagen it be at a hotel, a conference center or something completely different.
  • Indoor teambuilding in Copenhagen
    If the event must take place indoors we simply have to have enough indoor space for the teams to be able to solve the assignments without interfering with each other.

Teambuilding anywhere you want...

Our teambuilding event can as mentioned easily be held elsewhere you want; and we will gladly come to you - no matter where in the country you are; and in most cases we can do it without extra cost.

There are of course some practical details we need to talk about, but as the event is very flexible, it will in most cases be possible to have it where you want.

Not located in the Copenhagen area...

If you are not located in the Copenhagen area we will still gladly come to you as we do operate in the entire country. We can still make the event at any location you want, it be a hotel, a conference center or some other place.

Although if you do not have specific wishes as to the location and want an outdoor event, we can use one of the areas where we know in advance that we may be, it is sorted by city name:

  • Esbjerg : Vognsbølparken
    scenic area with lake and stream, located in the outskirts of Esbjerg, right up to Esbjerg Stadium.
  • Kolding : Stejlbjerganlægget
    lovely scenic area, centrally located in the center of Kolding city.
  • Odense : Fruens Bøge / Hunderupskoven
    beautiful scenic area on the outskirts of Odense just off the motorway exit 51..
  • Silkeborg : Lunden
    beautiful park, located with stunning views over the lake Silkeborg Langsø.
  • Aarhus : Marselisborg Lystbådehavn
    lovely scenic area at Marselisborg Marina overlooking the ocean.


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Use the form to order a custom quote/get an offer on our teambuilding event TeamChallenge, specifically for your situation - of course it's completely without any obligation on your part.; and please do download our catalog.

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