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Cooperation is something we do every day. The often very complex tasks that we perform, requires simply that we are good at it. But we can be even better.
So TeamChallenge teambuilding event with...

Jonas Albert Wallin
Odense Kommune

Teambuilding that challenge with varied assignments

Dyrberg/Kern, a large Danish manufacturer of jewelry was on teambuilding in Copenhagen with TeamChallenge in September 2006 - it took place in the area of Ishøj beach.

Participants were challenged and had to cooperate in other ways than they do in everyday life - and was also divided into teams that were organizational mixed so that they were teammates with colleagues whom they normally do not work with.

DYRBERG/KERN recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

At DYRBERG/KERN we set ourself the goal of getting a few hours of cross-organizational teambuilding, which Copenhagen Teambuilding with the event TeamChallenge could offer. As a professional sparring partner who provides structure, punctuality and seriousness, all staff received a good physical experience in nature.
The tasks were varied, new and hard in a good way. All were challenged, especially fatigue subsequently was very noticeable full of all. Thanks for a super nice day.

Caroline Jorck Tvede, personalechef

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