Københavns Kommune (Employment and integration management)

We had a very good day were atmosphere and commitment was top notch.
The program was perfectly organized, Everyone could participate and we enjoyed being allowed to "play" for a day.
We got ...

Lona Lindberg
Københavns Kommune (Employment and integration management)

Teambuilding that creates talking and laughing after unknown challenges

Heart Surgery dept. T from Odense University Hospital were on a conference and wanted to start early morning with a teambuilding event to get a fresh and fun start to a day where they had to sit indoors most of the time.

Odense Universitetshospital (Heart Surgery dep. T) recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

I have in my office a famed proverb: "Teams rowing in the same direction, more often win (quote Arne Nilsson)".
I am in the fortunate position that I have a staff that really knows how to work together everyday to complete the scheduled tasks.
During the teambuilding event TeamChallenge by Copenhagen Teambuilding I also was assured that my staff is able to "row in the same direction" when completely unknown challenges require it, and more than that can any boss hardly wish for.
Moreover, subsequently been talking and laughing in the staff room when the teambuilding events exercises was refreshed - not least the Paparazzi task.
A good day where we all got to know each other a little better.

Bibi Andersen, Sekretariatschef
Odense Universitetshospital (Heart Surgery dep. T)

Teambuilding outdoors in autumn weather

The teambuilding event started at. 8.30 and should take place outdoors. The weather was bleak and dark, but dry, which we probably just had to be happy about since it was now early November.

Teambuilding with good humor

The 14 participants were divided into three teams and should in over 4 hours through 8 different team building tasks.

All went to it with zeal and despite the slightly chilly weather, spirits were high.


... And then into the heat after 4 hours of teambuilding

When the winner had been proclaimed they stormed in from the cold to a lovely lunch and a long day at "school".

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