A challenging event, which undoubtedly put teambuilding skills to the test among colleagues. It became clear how important it is to work as a team when it comes to achieving a goal within a particular...


Teambuilding to knit team closer after an organizational change

A sales department from newspaper Søndagsavisen on team building in Copenhagen - Copenhagen Teambuilding was responsible for the event, which was organized specifically for the situation as they were very few participants (7.). They wanted to work together as one group and wanted feedback & evaluation continuously during the event.

The TeamChallenge event was therefore adapted into a version without the competitive element because we conducted the event with all participants assembled on one team.

Søndagsavisen recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

We had an exciting and challenging day. Our mission was to knit our team closer after an organizational change, in addition to have a fun and stimulating day.
Both objectives were supremely met and we can give Copenhagen Teambuilding our warmest recommendations.

Thomas Pein

The instructor followed the team round on the assignments, observed them during the assignment without interfering with them - and after each assignment they were given feedback that also included a dialogue about what went well at a given assignment and how it could have been solved better.

The event took place in the scenic area Ishøj beach where also Arken Art Museum is located. The weather was nice and spirits high.

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