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A unique, humorous and social experience where everyone can participate regardless of age, weight and physical condition.
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Teambuilding where everyone across departments can be gathered for one event

Region Midtjylland has their Speech & Hearing Institute on an employee day in late June 2010.

About 100 employees from across the region was gathered for this one event where everyone should be able to participate in the social activities; and therefore our teambuilding event TeamChallenge was selected.

Region Midtjylland (Talk and Hearing Institute) recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

The Talk & Hearing Institute is a major institution in Region Midtjylland. This means that our 135 employees work from many different locations around the region.
Therefore we sometimes need to gather all employees across departments, geography and professional groups for one event, and for this the TeamChallenge event proved to be particularly suitable.
Here, the groups were well mixed, and the challenges adapted so that everyone could join in, and everyone was actively participating. It was a couple of very entertaining and good hours, which was guided carefully by Niki.
As HR employee I am often the one who organizes various courses for the employees and I therefore rarely have the opportunity to participate actively with the other employees. But this time I could this time, which I enjoyed very much.
There has also been an incredible number of spontaneous feedback from staff that think they have gotten much out of the day.

Tine Bay
Region Midtjylland (Talk and Hearing Institute)

During the two hours all the participants went through a total of four assignments with different focus so that everyone could contribute.

They were divided into 9 team and even though the purpose was of a social nature - namely for them to get to know each other better - there was competition between the teams, which gave great enthusiasm about the tasks as they competed on completing the assignments best.

We finished with medals for the winning team and 2nd & 3rd place.

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