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We had a great outdoor teambuilding event with Copenhagen Teambuilding. The weather was not super, but there was a fantastic atmosphere and good spirit.
We went through some good and varied tasks...

Marianne Olsen
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Teambuilding with focus on teamwork and feedback

Alka Insurance wanted a teambuilding event where the elements of time and quality and the relationship between these were involved, as well as an event in which it was possible to draw parallels to everyday life and use these as a basis for providing good and constructive feedback.

Alka Insurance recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

We choose TeamChallenge from Copenhagen Teambuilding in the expectation that they could put together an event focusing on cooperation and feedback. It fully succeeded and we had a really good day with good humor and great fighting spirit.

Morten Maiboe, Teamleader
Alka Insurance

The wishes were a perfect match for our TeamChallenge event, where the built-in competition makes time a factor that could be crucial for each team's points; but also the quality as the most important in relation to the number of points. Speed is therefore encouraged, but not at the expense of quality, the doctrine is: "Correct, but quickly".

Specifically in relation to the desire for "good and constructive feedback" we used the communication assignment CopyCat where LEGO bricks is used to illustrate the difficulties and obstacles of communication. This served as a basis for a talk about good & bad communication and feedback internally on the teams and on how they had done the job.

The 13 participants were divided into three teams and the process ran for 3.5 hours, 13:30 to 17:00.

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