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We had a tremendous day and got some really good shared experiences that will live on for along time....

Heidi Kjærbo
Advisory Center Amager

Teambuilding with a mixture of brain exercises and physical tasks

Before winter hit Denmark DSB had a staff course at Comwell Borupgaard in Snekkersten close to Elsinore in North Zealand.

90 participants divided into 9 teams got to know each other better in the event where DSB, opposed to the the vast majority of our events, had chosen not to use the element of competition because for this specific event the most important thing was for the participants to meet so many colleagues along the way as possible.

DSB (Køreplanlægningen) recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

We had some lovely hours on an event, where we used the exercises in a slightly different context. The ability to adapt between 'brain exercises' and physical tasks is effective when the group is mixed between practical/technical personal and administrative personal. We had chosen not to use the element of competition, so it obviously was sought.

Arne Jensen
DSB (Køreplanlægningen)

The teambuilding event was therefore customized in such a way that the participants between each task rotated team so they in this way came to a new team with new people.

Because of the time of year it took place partly indoors and partly outdoors - a concept have used many times during the spring of 2010 due to the long and cold winter.

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