Odense Kommune

Cooperation is something we do every day. The often very complex tasks that we perform, requires simply that we are good at it. But we can be even better.
So TeamChallenge teambuilding event with...

Jonas Albert Wallin
Odense Kommune

Very professional teambuilding event

80 doctors and nurses from Glostrup Hospital, Dept. G spent a lovely sun rich late-summer day on a company outing with team building in Copenhagen. It took place in the lovely surroundings of Ishøj beach and park - participants had to compete against each other to solve a variety of fun and challenging cooperation- and communication tasks.

Glostrup Hospital (Afd. G) recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

There have been a lot of positive feedback on the event.. Up to the day itself there was a lot of talk, several colleagues were both excited and worried that they would face greater challenges than they thought they could manage.
We were about 100 participants and there were high spirits from early morning, and when all had been divided into teams and wearing the different colored team jerseys, there were deep concentration and dedication all around.
The varied tasks were performed with great enthusiasm and with much laughter. Wonderful to be with colleagues in a COMPLETELY different way. The tasks were challenging in their own way, but everyone could participate.
It was a beautiful day, and we felt quite comfortable as we experiences that Copenhagen Teambuilding had everything completely under control - very professional event.

Rikke Steen Andersen
Glostrup Hospital (Afd. G)

During the event the staff was divided into 8 teams - and the competition element, in particular, was made visible by the team t-shirts in different colors and the points for each task also contributed to create enthusiasm around the event.

The participants' mood was excellent and the 4 hours flew away and was completed with the presentation of gold, silver and bronze medals.

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