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A unique, humorous and social experience where everyone can participate regardless of age, weight and physical condition.
Through a full day's hardships you learn to socialize, cooperation and no...

Pia Sejr
Kongsvang Cleaning Service

Well executed team building event with great challenges and fun activities

November 21 a group of 20 people from Thyregod Building Industry got ready for their yearly Christmas party that was to begin with a teambuilding event with is where we came into the picture.

Teambuilding event was a prelude to main Christmas party and even before the team building event started, the temperature was rapidly heading towards the wrong side of the freezing point, but participants were fired up and eager to get started.

Thyregod Bygningsindustri recommends Copenhagen Teambuilding

A good and well executed team building event with great challenges and fun activities. The event was a great experience that varied a lot from our everyday life at the office.
Despite the darkness and cold, we had a really nice afternoon/evening.

Charlotte Birk Ludvigsen
Thyregod Bygningsindustri

Keep warn by running

Participants had to go through 4 teambuilding tasks, and although froze a lot they completed the tasks with bravura. They ran more often than they walked, just to keep warm, and it worked.

Cold and darkness are excellent motivators

The cold and the increasing darkness impacted each team differently. Some teams had a hard time with the low temperatures, while otherteams used the situation as an additional motivation that got them to work really well together and really communicate with each other to finish and move on to the next task. It was also the team that won the medals.

Aaah ... a warm room

Despite the weather, it was a bunch of happy people that finally gathered around the base to hear the results - and to get a little sugar. The organizers had brought biscuits and raisins that was well received. It is certain that the participants at the end also was happy to sit in their cars and drive on to the next item on the program ... a good dinner, in a warm room. They had certainly earned it.

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