A challenging event, which undoubtedly put teambuilding skills to the test among colleagues. It became clear how important it is to work as a team when it comes to achieving a goal within a particular...


Teambuilding where we take care of (almost) everything...

We take care of all the planning and execution of the event. That is of course done within the wishes you have for the event. For us it is a virtue that you do not have to spend time on planning the event execution or logistics - it is our job, and on the day of the event, all you have to do, is to be ready at the agreed time and place.

Although we take care of all aspects of planning and executing the event there are still some things you have to do:

  • Practical clothes (if outdoor event)
    It is important that participants are aware that the event will take place outdoors and therefore know that they must be dressed in practical outdoor clothing suitable for the season.
  • Divide into teams 
    Before start you must have divided you into teams. How many teams is of course something we agree upon before start. There may be situations where the division takes place as part of the start-up of the event itself. This is something that we must have sorted out before start as the time it takes to divide the teams must be calculated into the time of the event..
  • The location
    Normally it is you who provide access to a location. Unless it is a public area, then we will take care of the agreement with the authority.
    But if it is at a hotel, a conference center or another area where you are booked in, you must ensure that we have the right to hold the event there.
    That generally is not a problem, is most cases they just want to be informed and we will gladly assist you if needed.
    If you need inspiration as to locations we are also happy to assist.

Included in the event is also...

In addition to the planning and execution of the teambuilding event we also provide:

  • T-shirts in team colors
    All participants will receive t-shirts in team colors, so its clear that the team is one team and so we can see who is on which team. Team colors also contributes to the visibility of the competitive element. T-shirts are handed in after the event.

Spicing up the event...

The event can be spiced up with the following:

  • Medals 
    Gold, silver and bronze medals for 1st, 2nd & 3rd. The medals are yours to own forever, and thus a fun souvenir that always results in much talk afterwards.

You can bring your own prizes...

If you want other prizes for participants, you are welcome to bring this; just we just know it.

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