At DYRBERG/KERN we set ourself the goal of getting a few hours of cross-organizational teambuilding, which Copenhagen Teambuilding with the event TeamChallenge could offer. As a professional sparring ...

Caroline Jorck Tvede, personalechef

Fun outdoor teambuilding activity event...

TeamChallenge is a fun team building activity event where you divided into teams must solve a number of challenges in competition with each other. The event can take place outdoors or indoors depending on your wishes and the season.

It's teambuilding everyone can participate in, because it does not require special conditions.

All assignments are teambuilding/collaborative exercises that are challenging, exciting, educational - and not least fun with a touch of play; because it is through play that we best get in touch with our creative side - and that will be needed.

Fun teambuilding where you will get to know each other better...

You will get to know each other a lot better through the many fun team building challenges, which means that I get close to your colleagues and get something - in fact, very much - to talk about afterwards because you get a whole new shared frame of reference.

Everyone can participate regardless of age and physique ...

TeamChallenge is teambuilding everyone can participate in and which puts it far from the old/hardcore teambuilding survingcources where you had to "eat raw fish, survive a weekend in a lake or be thrown out from a helicopter".

Many possibilities with TeamChallenge team building ...

TeamChallenge can be used for many different events - everything from the informal and fun company outing for the summer holidays to the more serious issues like the settling of staff, staff motivation and outright team building.

The event can take place there where you are - for example. at the company, a hotel or a conference center. If you want an outdoor event and do not have any specific desires as for the location, we have access to some public outdoor areas where the event can take place: In Copenhagen suburb Ishøj, Aarhus, Odense, Kolding, Esbjerg and Silkeborg.

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