At DYRBERG/KERN we set ourself the goal of getting a few hours of cross-organizational teambuilding, which Copenhagen Teambuilding with the event TeamChallenge could offer. As a professional sparring ...

Caroline Jorck Tvede, personalechef

TeamChallenge was created to meet specific criterias...

Copenhagen Teambuilding created the TeamChallenge event to meet a few but specific criterias. The event must be:

  • challenging
  • exciting
  • rewarding
  • instructive
  • fun
  • ... and it has to be something everyone can take part in and the whole company should be able to participate; eg. at a company outing by a party committee or as part of staff motivation.

Teambuilding for a company outing, party committees, employee motivation and ...

The target group is very wide and personnel from all branches and all ages can participate.

TeamChallenge is suitable for groups of all sizes. We have had as little as 6 participants and as much as 250 participants - no team is too small, and no team is too big.

Teambuilding for both summer excursions and staff motivation

TeamChallenge is perfect for both the informal summer excursion organized by a party committee or staff association and for staff motivation and ordinary team building organized by a HR department.

Can be adapted to include a specific focus...

TeamChallenge can be adapted so you – still through fun and challenging assignments – work with one or more focus areas, you decide which. It can, for example be your values, product or objectives such as "A good colleague" "Good cooperation" or "A good working environment."

During the course, participants will among other things come up with ideas for how you can better live up to the goal. These and other findings from the workshop, we put into a report that is perfect as a basis for continue working with the experiences and lessons learned from the workshop.

Your result is that you both experience new sides of each other, get a better relationship with each other, have a fun shared experiences and get a completely different, more tangible relation to the focus area and what it means to the workplace.

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